A Message To All Our Moorers at Caen Hill Marina

The recent announcement from the Government is a clear reminder that COVID-19 is still very present in our lives, we must all stay focused on limiting the spread, and safety remains our key priority for our customers.

We will continue to do all we can to keep you and our work colleagues safe.

From Monday 14th September you must not meet with people from other households socially in groups of more than 6, including children.

  • We will still conduct risk assessments and provide essential staffing and facilities for boat owners to visit the marina.
  • We ask that social distancing is maintained and expect all customers to abide by this. If you keep 2 meters distant you will have less chance of catching the virus.
  • The marina office is open, face coverings must be worn and hands must be sanitised before entering the building.
  • Payments for goods will be by card/contactless and mooring payments should be made electronically by bank transfer where possible.
  • The marina will still be operational, please call for mooring and boat related enquiries.
  • All leisure customers, visitors and work persons must sign in when visiting the marina.
  • All high use customer’s should sign in visitors and work persons, either in the office, or by email moorings@caenhillmarina.com or telephone 07584 077855.
  • The following information is required:
    • Boat owner’s full name, contact phone number, date of visit and berth number.
    • Visitor’s full name, time of arrival and time of leaving, please remember the rule of 6. This record will be kept for 21 days enabling us to trace people if required.

Thank you Neil Warren and the Marina Team

NHS Covid-19 App

How England and Wales’ contact-tracing service works.

Apple and Google’s automated contact-tracing technology will be used to tell people to self-isolate if their phone detects they were near someone later determined to have the virus.

The app also includes:-

  • A venue check-in barcode scanner
  • A postcode-based risk-level checker
  • A symptoms-reporter tool
  • The means to order a coronavirus test and receive its results
  • A countdown timer to keep track of how long to stay in self-isolation
  • A guide to the latest advice on local restrictions, financial support and other related information.
  • To get started go to Android’s Google Play or Apple’s App Store and search for NHS Covid-19
    The NHS Covid-19 app is optional for more information on how the app work open following link links. https://www.nhs.uk/apps-library/nhs-covid-19/

It is critical that everybody observes the following key behaviours:

  • HANDS – Wash your hands regularly and for 20 seconds.
  • FACE – Wear a face covering in indoor settings where social distancing may be difficult and where you will come into contact with people you do not normally meet.
  • SPACE – Stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with where possible, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place.

Wash Hands • Cover Face • Make Space

Once again, we would like to thank everyone that has observed the controls we have put in place and the support and respect you have given the NHS and carers throughout this pandemic.

Neil Warren and the Marina Team